avatars-000027841648-lhh4ga-t200x200           A short bit of waffle about Chris.

I’m a full time music teacher currently working in the field of special needs who has a deep interest in music, theology, philosophy, cosmology, and anything that ends in ology.

Part time philosopher, long time songwriter, full time layabout, and the oracle on all things….That’s oracle as in the ITV teletext service that went out of commission 30 years ago!

I really came to the blogosphere in response to one Marshall Auldjo, also known as Robert Marshal, also known as Father Christmas for all I know. Coupled with my desire for a portal for my music I plumped for the WordPress route, and hence the site.

Marshall and his ridiculous claims really made me sit up and think about the power of the internet, I wont go into them here, they are there for all to see if you wish to delve into his murky waters.

We all know humans love to tell stories and the internet has expounded this tenfold. In its uncensored form it provides a free voice to the voiceless, and at other times an uncensored mouthpiece for the unhinged, deranged and despotic. Somewhere between those two extremes the truth lies.

Will it be our downfall or an evolutionary step upwards?

Please feel free to contact me, take part in discussion, share your thoughts, your music, and most importantly enjoy.


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