Long time no sea…..


So its been a while my friends, what follows classes as a Marshalling of my thoughts and very brief update.

So in general life is good. The last 6 months has seen the official release of my 8th studio album titled ‘Old Loves’. Its been a long journey but I feel I’m finally making albums that sound ok, sonically OL is really great and feels like it belongs ‘out there’ in homes, on Spotify, and on iTunes.

I’m currently producing the Tadley Court School Christmas CD for what will be the 10th time. It’s hard work, 1000s of cues of music to create and edit, but the end results are fantastic.  Autistic children never cease to amaze! I may post a few clips once permission issues are settled.

Another interesting development is my new band.  Currently unnamed, its a stripped down 3 piece playing all original material by yours truly.  I’m just loving the stripped down sound and the space in the music.

So what about the future?

Well on a sad note it looks like the heart of my own studio the mighty AKAI DPS 24 is finally dying after nearly 16 years of service. This means that Chris will finally have to enter the 21st century and learn to properly use pro tools. On the plus side it may well mean a brand new desk with lots of hypnotic flashing lights.  I’m currently looking at the Presonus studio live as a possible replacement.  On the down side its going to cost something approaching £3000! So if you have any spare cash from say, a prospective song writing credit legal case, or you happen to be a banker, drop me a few pennies.

Until the next time……


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