Spin Spin Spin………..


So following the general election, our apparent acceptance of austerity, and the green light to give the weakest and poorest a right good kicking, what are we to think?

Some may question the validity of the result itself. I’m sure the internet conspiracists are firmly in full swing with unfounded allegations of corruption and meddling. There is no doubt that it was a surprising and somewhat confusing result.

Others may look at what proved to be political genius on the part of Cameron et al, a clever balancing act, mixing deep rooted racial tensions with fear. Definitely a powerful combination.

Personally I think we are witnessing the culmination of a great social experiment. We are now a nation slaved to reality television, where the poor and the unfortunate are paraded before us night after night for our entertainment. Throw in the portrayal of anyone on benefits as a scrounger, anyone on long term sick a skiver, you can see how society has adopted these incorrect labels as truth.

The next stage is the complete dismantling of the state as we know it, some of this may not be such a bad idea, but most of it will be a disastrous destruction of the very framework of our society. The very idea of collective action may be under threat, and at a time when our very existence is threatened.

Seems like the apple is rotten both inside and out.

Run for your lives………..


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