Its been a while….


I thought it was about time I updated my blog after the underwhelming response to my previous cutting edge forensic dissection of all things internet.

In the mean time some strange and weird things have been happening in the life of this half baked songwriter/occasional music teacher….

Well most of them weird rather than strange, and mostly involving delusional drunk schizophrenics……But the less said the better……

I can now officially say that the internet is a dangerous place, from personal experience.

On the surface it looks like a beautiful playground, with nice colourful swings, a fantastic roundabout, a big helter-skelter, a fun see saw,  and some of those weird springy rocking thingys that always fascinate…..

But do watch out, beneath the swings lies the fire pit of identity theft, the internet stalker lives under the helter-skelter, the cyber bully swallows travellers whole on the roundabout, and there’s some weird looking drunk tramp demanding his turn on the see saw….. (Dont ask!!)…..The playground owner is a drug dealer and the groundsman is a tory….not sure which is worse!! (Only joking tory voters…all 3 of you)

There is a serious message behind my slavish hyperbole, just a warning….be careful out there or before you realise it you’re playground can become the stuff of nightmares…….

Now where is my Beer…..


One thought on “Its been a while….

  1. Then there’s the adults which fall in the groups of I see it and don’t care, I’m not bothered and those who see it and can’t do anything….. dangerous is an under statement.
    You just sit and wait not knowing what’s next….. hoping… no wait a minute longing they will lose interest and find an other patch to dominant

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