The power of the internet…


Bill gates once said ‘The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow’, and to some extent I agree. We shop online, work online from home, communicate, socialise, share the smallest of details with our Facebook friends (don’t get me started!) and generally live large portions of our lives through the interface of a browser window.

Yet there is a darker side…..

Human beings are natural storytellers, and unreliable witnesses. Write a detailed diary and then look back a few years and you’ll be shocked at how your memory differs from what you wrote. In reality we are born to tell stories and the bigger the better. From the boy in the schoolyard who’ll claim his dad is superman, to the online blogger who claims to have written White Christmas, we all want to tell stories, to garner attention, and to create our own mythologies.

This is where the internet scares me in this ‘strange new world’. The anonymity provided allows the growth of conspiracy, an uncensored mouthpiece, and when placed correctly an audience ready to believe. Look at David Icke, sit and listen and his vaguely Marxist version of history makes great sense (Did I really just type that!), and then ‘Here come the Lizards’…….

And he still despite this has been able to establish himself as an internet cult hero, selling books by the truckload and filling halls with audiences prepared to listen for hours on end.

As humans we are in a crumbling world where truth is no longer absolute and we create our own frameworks and mythologies to exist in, we are well and truly inside Harvey Cox’s Secular City, and its not a healthy place to live…..

Anyway I’m off to the mother ship to commune with my Lizard  masters…… 😉StarTrek-Gorn


3 thoughts on “The power of the internet…

  1. I agree about the internet… it is picking up a fast pace to becoming the centre of communication, socializing, access to shops 24/7…….(if it’s not already) With so many social platforms to share views, vent concerns and show piece your every detail of your life….. if your not careful and were on every social communication platform you could end up having your entire life plus hope dreams and failures for all to see…. Or catching yourself out if you put different things on different sites!!!!.. Mind you some people like that, and teenagers think it great having lots of followers, reminder must update social status!!!!!

    Well I’m now off to have dinner with the gingerbread man at old mother hubbards, oh wait she hasn’t done her home shopping on the internet yet!!!!!!!

  2. And we don’t know anyone who puts different things on different websites do we….ahem….

    Its the anonymity that’s the problem, look at the experimental evidence for what human beings will do to each other when there is no fear of recrimination…..

    • Gone are the days of the wanted or missing posters on lamp posts, or word of mouth (often getting altered when travelling from person to person)… now you only need to mention it on the internet and it’s globed within a matter of minutes….. by which time who knows what has happened to it….. and it’s too late for regrets

      When I’m off now to catch up on the gossip thanks to social networks…..

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