Why i’m Here…..


So as the usual underemployed creative musician I was trawling the web for porn…..no sorry ignore that….trawling the web for something interesting to read when I stumbled upon this – http://straitjacketmusic.co.uk/ – The Dire Straits Story. Written, created, imagined, and contrived by the one and only Robert Marshal……

After a bit of reading I decided to take the bait and post, and low and behold I received several responses from an obviously intelligent coherent individual.

Wow could this be true I thought?

Slowly but surely the contact and conversations continued, yet at every step I asked Robert for his evidence, and at every step I was told ‘Soon’, ‘i’ll upload to YouTube in February’……but low and behold no evidence was forthcoming.

Now most recently Robert has started to remove my posts from his site under the immense weight of my judicious cross examination (not). Hence I thought I would start a little blog here to allow free expression not just about Roberts claims, but about anything to do with the internet and its ability to create (often ludicrous) myth.

So dust off your record collection, blow away the mind bending cobwebs, get up off the sofa and let the conversation commence!


8 thoughts on “Why i’m Here…..

  1. Robert Marshall is not a real person. It is a fictional character created by a man named Marshall Auldjo. Why he has created this character is unknown. Even his estranged daughter does not know the reason.

    • Thanks for your contribution sunrise, I cant say that I’m surprised and I sympathise with anyone close to Marshall as his motives are his and his alone to know. I wasn’t nasty to him and just asked him a few simple questions in relation to his claim, after all if it were true it would be the music story of the century. He couldn’t stand up to the simplest of cross examinations.

      So may I ask what led you to comment on my blog?

      • I just wanted to shed some light on the identity of Mr. Auldjo, since obviously he would not allow that information to be included on his own blog.

  2. I almost believed the guy until I looked into it more, and posted something which he censored.. He simply will not (and cannot) prove his bizarre claims.
    Guy needs to find something else to do in his life, or prove it.

    • I know, I’ve really got to him this time I think but if you care to take the time pop over to his blog (or the clown tent as I now like to call it) and throw in a few more gentle planks for the argument….its quite funny to watch him squirm….The PRS ‘invite’ where he basically invited himself was a classic…..

  3. That’s what really got to me about it, all talk and no evidence, and basically being allowed an uncensored mouthpiece to do it. If you look ‘out there’ you will see that the Robert Marshal Myth has already penetrated the ‘source water’ of the internet. Official pages linking him to credits for the first album, wiki pages doing like wise, many other pages with similar info. This is what concerns me. There are people out there who actually genuinely believe him……

    The well is already poisoned.

  4. Can you honestly believe anything of any one on the internet…. It seems there are more false statements and people being wrongly accused of alsorts of things these days…. And for what?…. Mmm…. Let me think to be little people cause trouble and in some cases tear families apart….. And for the sake of it or could it be the kick you may get, oh yeah to try and get one over on someone…. Well I can honestly say if the government pulled the plug today or sometime soon I wouldn’t be bother….. Homework can be done at the library and finding fact from sources other han he internet…. Others wouldn’t be able to fan false stories and lies….. And to be honest half the world problems could be halved…. Royal mail prices would go down as good old fashioned letters would be written instead of e mails…. I may be old fashioned but sometimes the good old days are the best…..bring back the milkman and the corner shops… Not forgetting the sense of community spirit

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